Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Any more sprites?

I was just wondering if you have any other sprites that haven't been supplied to us. Right now our group is in need of a few things, including a few more animations for Don Donut, sprites that we can use for liquid/water-based areas (places where Eat Boy would have to swim), the animation for the Cotton Candy's spit (which I noticed in gif form, but not an actual sprite sheet), and possibly an animation for Eat Boy actually eating (which may or may not be necessary, as we can always make it so that he just collects food as he passes through it). Thanks in advance.


  1. yes we can get those other sprites, alot of them were purely experimental so they will need to be remade, but well get on that for yall.

  2. Thanks for offering the remade art!

    Just curious though as to how the progress is coming along. Because (sorry for the late notice), the game is due Monday (3/14) for us. (Monday also being the first day of finals -.-)

    If we could have some of the updated artwork before this weekend that'd be awesome. Also, are there any new levels? Or should we create those ourselves?

  3. I'll get you everything we extra we have by saturday, I know thats not alot of time and im sorry, as for the levels, we dont have any others, but the idea was you guys could build them with the tileables we gave you.